Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Taste of Things to Come!

So here’s a small teaser of something I hope to complete before I die. This is the first time I’m attempting a novel-like translation, so I’m not sure if I will release everything in one go, or perhaps in chunks at reasonable transitions in the story. If you guys have an opinion, sound off below. In the mean time, bon app├ętit!

Oh, I am working on comics still. Just being very, VERY slow as usual. Given real life responsibilities and overall lack of time to do proper edits, I decided to work on something that wouldn't involve much, if any intensive editing. I'm also considering a PDF or epub release for those who want to read on their tablets, but before I jump the gun, I want to make sure I make substantial progress. For now, pages will be posted on E-hentai.