Monday, June 9, 2014

It's not delivery, it's diPorno

Welcome again to the official "Hirame~♥~Love" fanclub, where everything is about this single author all the time, every time! Our quest to provide you pretty much everything of theirs we can get our hands on continues today with our newest release, a story straight of of "Porn-plots 101". Pizza delivery comes in, and not much pizza is actually consumed. Such a waste.

The translation was again brought to you by our beloved Cucumis Sativus (he got better after last time's Elf, but he's still not fully recovered), and with the help of our newest recruit for the edits, Bubblemilktea! So frothy. It's all thanks to him you can actually read this stuff, 'cause the scans were a bit of a mess.
Me? I lecture people on proper pizza making, mostly, and do these writeups.

We've ran out of Hirame stuff, so unless something new comes out, like, right now, the next release will be hopefully something different! Yay!

As an aside, I sure hope I don't get sued for the title (if you don't hear from me again, I've gone down doing what I love— horrible puns).