Thursday, October 30, 2014

Huge tracts of land

I can only imagine the backpain that carrying around one third of your body mass dangling from your chest would cause. And how much the bras would cost— would they price them by the square foot? Anyways, today's story is a sweet lovey-dovey tale of a couple of idiots who've been living together for two years and have still not gotten to it.

Wat. Japan, wat.

Our dear Cucumis Sativus has been so kind to keep both hands above the desk long enough to type down the translation, while I oh-so-sloppily lathered his carefully chosen words all over the pages. Also, considering that I even failed to spell the goddamn title right on the first try, I imagine there might be some typos sneaked in by me in there. I no read gud.

See ya!

Edit: thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing out two typos on pages 6 and 16, links to the gallery and MEGA download are fixed. In my defense, I did say there might have been some in the thing— and there were! It means I was right.

Dumb as a sack of potatoes, but right.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Insert Witty Joke About Dragons and Lots of Thick Cream

So, some of you may remember this Hirame masterpiece a while back. Well, the benefactor who sent us the book has given us permission to release the raws. Decision was based around giving the artists time to reap in the gold before the rest of us shamelessly pirate their hard work. Enjoy! We'll get back to translating and editing eventually... I think...
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