Thursday, October 30, 2014

Huge tracts of land

I can only imagine the backpain that carrying around one third of your body mass dangling from your chest would cause. And how much the bras would cost— would they price them by the square foot? Anyways, today's story is a sweet lovey-dovey tale of a couple of idiots who've been living together for two years and have still not gotten to it.

Wat. Japan, wat.

Our dear Cucumis Sativus has been so kind to keep both hands above the desk long enough to type down the translation, while I oh-so-sloppily lathered his carefully chosen words all over the pages. Also, considering that I even failed to spell the goddamn title right on the first try, I imagine there might be some typos sneaked in by me in there. I no read gud.

See ya!

Edit: thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing out two typos on pages 6 and 16, links to the gallery and MEGA download are fixed. In my defense, I did say there might have been some in the thing— and there were! It means I was right.

Dumb as a sack of potatoes, but right.


  1. First of all, thank you a lot for working on this. Michiking is one of my favorite current artists, so seeing one of his works translated is great. Second, I did happen to notice a couple of spelling mistakes if you're interested in fixing them. They are as follows:

    Page 06
    "His penis is twiching..."
    "Twiching" should actually be "twitching".

    Page 16
    "I couldn't tell the difference, and one thing lead to another."
    Here, "lead" should actually be "led".

    Last, do you guys take requests or suggestions? Just curious.

    1. I knew it. I KNEW I'd fuck up somewhere. Thanks for the suggestion, a V2 is coming shortly. Thank you for pointing them out!

      As for suggestions, you can certainly try, but I can't say that we'll work on it— I am far too lazy a man to make such promises, and it all depends on Cucumis actually wanting to translate it.

    2. Man, might be a good idea to stop doing our QC after long hours of sleep deprivation. Good catch there. Also, same sentiment as somebodyelse. I'm a bit if a lazy bastard.

    3. This is the same poster from before. Thanks a lot for fixing those mistakes and fixing them so fast! I really appreciate it when groups go back and fix mistakes if any are present.

      As for suggestions, would you be interested in anything else from this artist? Or was it just this particular story that caught your eye?

    4. I'm quite fond of this artist and I chose this particular work simply because of how much it made me laugh at the beginning.

    5. Me too. I know of some other untranslated works from this artist if you're interested. Just thought I'd ask. I've actually commissioned something from this artist to someone.

    6. Ask away, but like we mentioned, it all depends if we stop procrastibating long enough to work on it.

    7. Fair enough. Should I post a download link to the raws here, or would you prefer I send them to you a different way?

    8. I guess you can post something here. We kinda do have a group email, but I personally don't check it much. Somebodyelse probably does more than me. Click on his profile if you want to go that route instead.

    9. Okay thanks. I went ahead and sent an email, so you guys should have it by now.

  2. (Obligatory "holy shit it's not from Hirame" post here.)