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  1. So what's up with Natsunokumo? Are you still working on it, or have you decided to do all porn, all the time now (nttawwt)?

    1. Natsunokumo is pretty much dead. The publisher only released 5 volumes of it then discontinued the series so the volumes that are translated now is pretty much all we got. Unless the series somehow get a sudden boost of fans mailing the author to try and reboot the series, we are not getting anything else. Especially since the series was published by Ikki years ago, somewhere around 2007.

    2. What the fuck are you talking about? The series is 8 volumes long, there are public raws that confirm this, and they never even completed scanlating the fifth volume to begin with.

      Look, if they dropped the series, then that is what it is, but don't just talk out of your ass if you're going to answer for them.

    3. The second anonymous poster probably was referring to the only Western official release of the title, in French, by Soleil Productions (the Canadian Amazon store lists the books, like the first one here: They got up to the fifth volume and then dropped it— don't know the reason, honestly. The manga itself ended at 8 volumes, and all are easily available online in Japanese (it's listed on for physical copies, or you can find scans online, even on this blog).

      As for the unofficial releases here, the project is not dead, but unfortunately stalled, and it's entirely my fault— I have been sitting on a script since months, but haven't had much drive to work on it. The fact that we've been doing mostly porn for a while relates to that— it's a lot easier to get a 16-page thing with little dialogue cleaned and edited than a mammoth 40-page chapter with lots of text.

      No two ways about it— this is just an excuse, I'm lazy and I can't manage to keep the pace. I want to see this done, but I'm not sure -when- I'll actually manage to (if the translator even has any interest in working with us anymore— that's another thing entirely).

      Feel free to direct hate mail straight to the address provided on the sidebar if you so desire, that might actually help move things along.

    4. Yeah, yeah, I see how it is, somebodyelse always takes the blame.