Saturday, June 30, 2012

Natsunokumo chapter 14

First of the new chapters, first actual release here, is chapter 14 - "Afterimage", to close off the third volume.
Next in line is the extra chapter from the first volume, simply titled "Side Story".

As I said previously, the scripts that were left from the previous translator (thus "second hand") only go up to chapter 18- I need someone to translate the rest of the manga. Want to help? Drop a line in the comments. Know someone who would? Convince them. Or tie 'em up in front of their computer and threaten them at gunpoint- whatever works, though it'd be nice to avoid violence :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rokuro Shinofusa's "Natsunokumo"

Well, hello there!

I've opened up shop here trying to drum up a bit of interest in this here manga, "Natsunokumo".  To quote the introductory blurb from the group that started translating it back then: "Coil is a man whose idea of "life" is his alter ego in an online world. A place where the hearts of people come together...and it is not a pretty place. The slender spiderweb that connects their souls within this endless world brings greater pain than reality itself."

It doesn't seem to have received much attention in the west- there are no localizations that I know of in English or in any other European language, save for an out of print (and unfinished) French version.
So, I've got my hands on some of the available but unused scripts left by the previous translator (with his permission), and I'm going to package 'em up and release them. Problem is- they only go up to chapter 18, enough to get through volume 3, with one chapter left to end volume 4. This still leaves the last four volumes completely untranslated.

I like this series, and given that there's not really much of a chance to ever see it officially released, the only alternative is a fan translation. I can handle the editing, but I need someone to take care of the script- I need a translator. So, come one and come all, for the fame, the glory and the untold riches pretty much nothing, I guess- this is a fan thing, after all.
Still, anyone interested in giving it a shot, aiming to get some practice with their Japanese, or wanting to gain ~*internet fame*~, feel free to drop a line in the comments.

I'll be posting chapter 14 soon-ish, then there'll be the extra chapter from the first volume, and repacks for the first three volumes in English. Below you can find link to the volumes in Japanese, if you want to take a look at them.
If you want to read what's been translated so far, you can head over to the manga page on Batoto.