Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's a second-hand thing

Thanksgiving is the most joyful of Holidays— a chance to pass some time with one's family (whether you actually want to spend time with said family or not, pretty often), trying your best to fend off a barrage of questions about your life by relatives you didn't even remember you had ("How are your grades?" "How long until you graduate?" "You're studying what?" "Are you still single at your age?" "Have you found a job?" "What kinda job is that?" "When are you going to get married?" and so on), while you gorge yourself on the delicious stuffed carcass of a giant bird (or some cardboard-tasting yet more humane vegan alternative, if you're so unlucky) and wash it all down with copious amounts of alcohol (preferably enough to get you through it, but not enough that you re-enact that scene from The Exorcist all over Grandma).

Good times.

Being the kind souls we are, we did what we do best to make this day a little more pleasant for you— we took somebody else's work , added a minor amount of spit and polish, and voilĂ ! A special gift, just to take your mind off it all.

The original translation of the chapters as they appeared in the magazine scans was done by FUKE, and edited by Conan. Cucumis Sativus has taken care of the translation for all the new materials (pinups, cover, index, extra chapters and both bonus booklets), has revised the original translation using FUKE's notes (I have connections, you see, I can get my hands on stuff and things), and has also pulled double-duty by taking care of half of the editing. I did the rest of the edit and I claim most of the credit for the whole shebang for myself, because I'm just an asshole like that.

See ya!