Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Night of the Lively Dead

The spirit of Halloween fills the air— shoddily carved pumpkins on the porches (that will probably stay there until it's time swap them for plastic reindeer and Christmas crap), a million guys dressed as Heisenberg (they're goddamn right), slutty nurses/policewomen/devils as far as the eye can see, and with some luck even some kid going around the block bumming people for candy.
To celebrate the festivity, have at a little demon-themed full color story. Imagine Michael Jackson's "Thriller" playing in the background and you'll be all set. 

Translation is courtesy of our beloved new manservant, Cucumis Sativus— be sure to express your gratitude, it's a bit of a sad time of the year, with so many of his cousins horribly gored and left to rot on the streets... poor souls, he's a wreck— and to Shadkats for a bit of QC (I caen't spel gud mysself).

Have fun tit-or-treating! Or is is trick-or-tittin'?
... Pun too lame? Well, I admit it wasn't the breast but... oh, suck it (these guys sure did).

See ya!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

In the language of flowers, Quince means "HNNNG"

Today's release is a treat: a delicious new chapter of the "Floriography" series by Tooru Mizutani, detailing Hiroki and Rena's first time together. A bit light on the action, really, but a pretty nice read nonetheless. The book was chosen by Cucumis Sativus himself, also responsible for the translation— a round of applause for the man!

This is apparently only the first part of the story the author originally planned to write— though I have no idea whether the second part was actually released or not, as I can't find any raws for that. Oh, and about the title— marmelo is a Portuguese loanword adopted by the Japanese for the quince blossom. In floriography, this flower can symbolize playful temptation or enticement when included in an arrangement, which fits the content of the doujin perfectly.

See ya!