Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hole in love

After Lord only know how long, here I am, back from the dead, with some sweet, weird doujin for all y'all bunch of pervs. Salaryman Guy finds out that there's a hole in the wall that separates his apartment from his neighbor's. Will he call the landlord and complain about it? Will he put up a shelf in front of it and forget about it all? Or will he take the chance to peep on the hot lady next door's "private time"? Take a guess.

Thanks for TheKa from TapTapTrans for the translation, and all the folks over on the E-Hentai forums (Slobber, binglo, Boggyb, jantch, maipantsu, takeshi.dono) for their support!

Part of the reason it took me so long to release this was the time required to remove all the floating text (a metric fuckton of time, to be precise). The fact that my computer decided to blue screen more than two dozen times in the last month after installing Windows 8 didn't help, either. I'm having flashbacks of Win ME.

Enjoy and see ya soon!