Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sharing is Caring! (I Think...)

In the spirit of generosity (and mostly so I can figure out how to upload on E-Hentai. Hey, I'm not a very tech savvy person. LEAVE ME BE!), I've decided to share two doujin works for everyone's "personal" enjoyment. One is from a our previous release thanks to an anonymous reader and another from my personal collection. I'll keep this post short so you can get to fapping that much quicker. Enjoy Unlove 2 by Turtle.Fish.Paint and Makinami Strike! by Maidoll!
ExHentai Link
E-Hentai Link

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Speak softly and carry a big stick

It has come to my attention that a dangerous individual has hijacked my account and posed as myself recently. I want to declare that I disavow the message posted by my evil twin my drunken self me trying to be funny this "unknown individual" in its entirety.

It is in my full interest to provide y'all with the finest quality entertainment, be it work-safe productions (as far as "reading comics" can be safe for work), or the smuttiest of the smut that ever appeared on the planet, without any additional modifications on our part. Unless we feel like it. Or it strikes our fancy. But mostly not.

Now, feel free to enjoy the tale of the Kawaguchi Household, and the blossoming love between the young lady and the kid. No, not that kind of kid— that was another story.

See ya!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Policy

I have been reborn. Gone are the impure thoughts that used to taint my mind. Gone are the temptations of the flesh, thanks to that freak accident with the chainsaw at the nudist beach. Gone is any desire to indulge myself any further in this debauchery that is Japanese Pornography.

Thus, today marks the day we (and by that I mean "I"— it's my way or the highway, Cucumis) change course for the glorious ship that is this site, and devote ourselves to save your souls from eternal damnation. Our glorious overlords from the resplendent land of the Rising Sun had the right idea when they decided to censor this filth, but they did not go far enough. Thus it falls upon ourselves to deliver you this content the way God intended, as it's written in the Bible. Somewhere. I think. Possibly. Not that I'm going to check.

Enjoy this treat as a first sample of the way we'll be improving our releases going forward. Don't look at the flesh, enjoy the tale of a love blossoming amidst curious circumstances. Cast your gaze away from the intertwined bodies, and focus on the joyous event of conception. Seriously, stop looking at dem titties.

The translation for this was provided by Cucumis Sativus (who didn't know about our now-mandatory new policy, but I'm sure he'll approve... if he knows what's best for him), and edited— and improved— by somebodyelse.
In case you don't appreciate our work, I only have one thing to say.