Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Taste of Things to Come!

So here’s a small teaser of something I hope to complete before I die. This is the first time I’m attempting a novel-like translation, so I’m not sure if I will release everything in one go, or perhaps in chunks at reasonable transitions in the story. If you guys have an opinion, sound off below. In the mean time, bon app├ętit!

Oh, I am working on comics still. Just being very, VERY slow as usual. Given real life responsibilities and overall lack of time to do proper edits, I decided to work on something that wouldn't involve much, if any intensive editing. I'm also considering a PDF or epub release for those who want to read on their tablets, but before I jump the gun, I want to make sure I make substantial progress. For now, pages will be posted on E-hentai.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'M OVER 9,000!

I love Butcha-U (Eroquis), I love Psycho-Pass, and I love Risa Aoyanagi. Combine the three and you get this fantastic image below. For those who have been keeping up with season 2, you guys will understand why I'm paying tribute to this sexy vixen. DO ME NEXT AOYANAGI! MY COEFFICIENT IS WELL OVER 300!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Huge tracts of land

I can only imagine the backpain that carrying around one third of your body mass dangling from your chest would cause. And how much the bras would cost— would they price them by the square foot? Anyways, today's story is a sweet lovey-dovey tale of a couple of idiots who've been living together for two years and have still not gotten to it.

Wat. Japan, wat.

Our dear Cucumis Sativus has been so kind to keep both hands above the desk long enough to type down the translation, while I oh-so-sloppily lathered his carefully chosen words all over the pages. Also, considering that I even failed to spell the goddamn title right on the first try, I imagine there might be some typos sneaked in by me in there. I no read gud.

See ya!

Edit: thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing out two typos on pages 6 and 16, links to the gallery and MEGA download are fixed. In my defense, I did say there might have been some in the thing— and there were! It means I was right.

Dumb as a sack of potatoes, but right.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Insert Witty Joke About Dragons and Lots of Thick Cream

So, some of you may remember this Hirame masterpiece a while back. Well, the benefactor who sent us the book has given us permission to release the raws. Decision was based around giving the artists time to reap in the gold before the rest of us shamelessly pirate their hard work. Enjoy! We'll get back to translating and editing eventually... I think...
E-Hentai Link

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"You sunk my battleship"

I think we might be going for a record or something, but today's release is yet another work from our beloved Hirame— and sort of a sequel to a work we previously shared with you all, to booth! Battlefield Princess and Airfield Princess have business with Wo-Class to discuss, so they ask Seaport Princess to watch over little Isolated Island Demon for them. I never imagined I'd write something like that before, much less that I'd actually understand what that means. I blame Cucumis Sativus for translating all this stuff and giving me a chance to read the words instead of just staring at cartoon titties and making the dialogue up in my head.

Also, we reached 100k total pageviews! That's a lot of perverts! Or maybe not that many, considering we've been around a while... I dunno. With this two shorter doujins done, it's back to the fapcave the not-officially-announced "bigger project", so stay tuned.
(I might very well be sidetracked and do something completely different in the meantime, I have a pretty short attention span, but do do continue visiting the site and inflate my ego~♥.)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Motherfucking Kill la Kill

Welcome to Hirame sensei's appreciation station, your one-stop spot for all thing curvy and with lots of wriggly bits stuck inside them! Today's post is brought to you by the translation services provided by Cucumis Sativus ("Refreshing!", the farmer's wife; "Fits like a glove!" Anallover79; "All the taste and none of the guilt!", Vegan_Bater_69) and the half-assed editing efforts of moi ("Who?", everybody ever). It's a heart-wrenching tale of a tearful family reunion, a wild roller coaster of emotions, and a whole lotsa tentacles.

Silence on the blog here was mostly due to the fact that the next planned release (a big'un) was— and is— subject of some sort of internet drama. A story full of Crocodile tears. It will see the light of day sometime in the future, but for a while still we'll stick with shorter things with faster turnarounds (as usual, mostly Hirame things. Like, with magical anthropomorphic battleship girls or something).

(By the way, the title of the post is actually literal. Wonders of magical tentacles and classical Japanese Family Values™.)

Monday, June 9, 2014

It's not delivery, it's diPorno

Welcome again to the official "Hirame~♥~Love" fanclub, where everything is about this single author all the time, every time! Our quest to provide you pretty much everything of theirs we can get our hands on continues today with our newest release, a story straight of of "Porn-plots 101". Pizza delivery comes in, and not much pizza is actually consumed. Such a waste.

The translation was again brought to you by our beloved Cucumis Sativus (he got better after last time's Elf, but he's still not fully recovered), and with the help of our newest recruit for the edits, Bubblemilktea! So frothy. It's all thanks to him you can actually read this stuff, 'cause the scans were a bit of a mess.
Me? I lecture people on proper pizza making, mostly, and do these writeups.

We've ran out of Hirame stuff, so unless something new comes out, like, right now, the next release will be hopefully something different! Yay!

As an aside, I sure hope I don't get sued for the title (if you don't hear from me again, I've gone down doing what I love— horrible puns).