Sunday, February 16, 2014


Put on the Panty & Stockings soundtrack (I'd suggest either Pantscada or Schranz Chase, but Theme for Scanty and Kneesocks will fit just fine), make yourselves comfortable (leather mask? chains? I won't judge) and enjoy this heartwarming tale of siblings love by Hattory Mitsuka. Angels or demons, all sisters should care for each other— it's the ruuuuuuuule.

This doujin has been brought to you by our own beloved #1 Thunderslut (the manliest slut), Cucumis Sativus, who could have been busy ending world hunger or curing cancer, but instead decided to translate porn for you.

Priorities! We've got them straight.

See ya!

Friday, February 14, 2014

I'd pay any consultation fee in a heartbeat

Stories by Hirame, the author of all those weird and delightful doujins we've featured in the past under the pen name Karei, are getting published in Japan by Wani. This means a) a higher chance for us to actually find their stuff online, b) a higher chance for them to reach a bigger audience and thus a bigger market, c) more delicious boobs for all. It's a win-win-win scenario!

(Possibly not much so for my carpal tunnel, but with this kind of hobby, it was already a lost cause.)
This release comes hot off the presses and straight out of Kairakuten BEAST's February issue. We are trying to avoid releasing stuff that's too recent, but for Hirame/Karei... Both our fantastic in-house translator and boob-man extraordinaire Cucumis Sativus (again responsible for this release) and I are fans of theirs, so we're making an exception.
Also, be thankful I've spared you the worst of the horrible, horrible puns I've come up with while working on this— quality stuff like "Ally McBoobs". I should get checked for this, I realize they're horrible but I CAN'T STOP.

Oh, and if you wanted a Valentine's Day-themed release, we've already been there. I wrote that we were really, really early, didn't I?

See ya!